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Gear Up for GGPoker’s Bounty Hunter Series!

By Chris Andreou

Clear your schedule for Friday, October 13th at 7:30 pm (UTC) because you won’t want to miss this!

Just before the colossal Bounty Hunters Series unfolds, GGPoker are rolling out an exclusive game tailored for newcomers: The GGPartners: Warm Up Bounty Invitational. This is your golden ticket to test your mettle, seize some rewards, and rev up for the high-stakes games ahead!

Dive into the opening Showdown!

Getting in on the action is simple: fund your GGPoker account by the evening of October 12th, and voila, you’re all set! The Inaugural Showdown is dangling a tempting $1,000 for the taking. But wait, the spoils don’t end there! You stand to claim tickets valued at over $2,000 for additional tournaments, including a shot at the staggering $5,000,000 Main Event! Here’s the kicker—the more rivals you outsmart, the heftier the loot. Topple just one competitor, and just like that, you’ve secured another tournament spot!

For GGPoker newcomers, there’s a couple of irresistible offers:

  1. Match your funds up to $600.
  2. Alternatively, seize game passes and complimentary plays valued at up to $100.

Plus, a mystery bonus awaits everyone.

Top Reasons to Engage in the opening Showdown

  • Privileged Access: Fund your account before October 12th and earn your spot in this elite contest. Exceptional winning opportunities beckon!
  • Gain Momentum: Experience a condensed version of the grand series. Perfect for prepping for the main spectacle.
  • Special Perks: New to GGPoker? There’s a treasure trove of bonuses just for you.
  • Glimpse of the Grand Prize: Secure a preview pass to the monumental $5,000,000 tournament.



Previewing the Monumental Bounty Hunters Series – $50 Million GTD

Spanning from October 15th to November 6th, the principal series boasts a prize pool that’s a whopping $50 Million strong. The main attraction guarantees $5 Million, featuring a top bounty that’s a cool half a million dollars! What’s more, daily opportunities abound to claim a portion of over $10,000 via the Leaderboard. Don’t miss the Mega Jackpot either, as it holds the potential to fatten someone’s wallet by an incredible $1,000,000!

Every Victory Propels You Further

Within the Bounty Hunter confrontations, each opponent you conquer edges you closer to the next challenge. The excitement is relentless!

To Sum It Up

The Inaugural Showdown is far more than a primer—it’s brimming with its distinct rush and rewards. Tailored for both poker novices and seasoned pros, this game promises something for every enthusiast. So, boost your balance, leap into the Showdown, and set the poker exhilaration in motion!