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18 Days of Poker Madness: Exciting EPIC POWERFEST Returns!

By Chris Andreou

Prepare yourself for an amazing 18 days of poker with the return of the EPIC POWERFEST! This event promises an electrifying experience with a combined guarantee of €1.75M. Plus, you can get in on the action for as low as €0.50 through our SPINS option.

The POWERFEST is ready to bring excitement to the worlds of players on the EU Network (France and Spain). Starting from Sunday, 29th October, and ending on Wednesday, 15th November. There will be a variety of tournaments to choose from, as well as some fantastic promotions.

Make sure to check out the full schedule and start planning your poker extravaganza!

Main Events Highlights

Get ready for some intense action with three main events:

  1. High: A €125 buy-in event with a €200K guaranteed prize pool.
  2. Medium: A €30 buy-in event with a €100K guaranteed prize pool.
  3. Low: A €5 buy-in event with a €50K guaranteed prize pool.

More Exciting Events

But wait, there’s more! POWERFEST also includes:

  • 29th Oct: The Big 10 PKO POWERFEST event with €20,000 GTD and an additional 20 x €50 surprise packages!
  • 4 Championship events spread out over the series.
  • Special events like The Openers, The PLOpener, The Closers, and The Twins (with a bonus for making it to two final tables!)
  • A thoughtful event structure to ensure you’re not playing all night long.

For fans of the 4-card variant, there are three PLO PKO Main Events with guaranteed prizes ranging from €3,000 to €20,000. Championships with events spanning several days and buy-ins ranging from €3 to €250.

POWERFEST Promotions

Enhance your POWERFEST experience with some exciting promotions:

  • Deposit Bonus: Use the code ‘FEST2023’ from 25/10 to double your deposit up to €100 and receive a €3 POWERFEST SPINS ticket as a bonus!
  • Mission POWERFEST: Earn 1 loyalty point from 21/10 to 27/10 to get a ticket to the €5,000 freeroll, featuring Powerfest tickets.
  • SPINS POWERFEST: A unique spin on traditional SPINS, offering a chance to win both POWERFEST tickets and cash.
  • 2 x Daily Leaderboards: Play POWERFEST events, climb the leaderboard, and win MTT tickets!
  • HalloWheel: Knock out a player in selected POWERFEST events and earn a spin on the HalloWheel, a wheel of fortune packed with prizes.


Here’s what you need to know:

Each day, there will be selected POWERFEST MTT’s. Knock out a player in this event to earn a spin on the HalloWheel. Each elimination earns you a spin, and the wheel is filled with prizes ranging from 0.50 to 50 Tournament Euros.

Check out the schedule to find out when and where the HalloWheel will be available:

Date Time  Buy in Tournament
Sun 29-Oct 18:00 €20 Powerfest #01-M The Opener: €10,000  Gtd
Mon 30-Oct 18:00 €3 Powerfest #07-L 7-Max PKO: €1,000  Gtd
Tue 31-Oct 20:00 €20 Powerfest #15-L 6-Max Deepstack Championship:  €7,500 Gtd
Wed 01-Nov 18:00 €5 Powerfest #19-L 6-Max: €2,000  Gtd
Thu 02-Nov 20:00 €30 Powerfest #27-M 8-Max: €7,500  Gtd
Fri 03-Nov 22:00 €5 Powerfest #34-M 6-Max Ultra PKO Turbo: €1,500  Gtd
Sat 04-Nov 18:00 €10 Powerfest #37-M 8-Max PKO: €4,000  Gtd
Sun 05-Nov 18:00 €3 Powerfest #41-L 8-Max: €1,000  Gtd
Mon 06-Nov 20:00 €30 Powerfest #47-M 6-Max PKO: €10,000  Gtd
Tue 07-Nov 22:00 €5 Powerfest #55-M 7-Max Turbo: €1,500  Gtd
Wed 08-Nov 20:00 €10 Powerfest #60-L 6-Max PKO:  €6,000 Gtd
Thu 09-Nov 18:00 €3 Powerfest #64-L 7-Max: €1,000  Gtd
Fri 10-Nov 18:00 €3 Powerfest #70-L 30 Percent PKO: €1,000  Gtd
Sat 11-Nov 22:00 €3 Powerfest #79-L Lucky 7s Turbo: €1,000  Gtd
Sun 12-Nov 18:00 €10 Powerfest #82-M 8-Max: €5,000  Gtd
Mon 13-Nov 22:00 €5 Powerfest #91-L 6-Max Turbo: €1,500  Gtd
Tue 14-Nov 18:00 €3 Powerfest #94-L 7-Max: €1,000  Gtd
Wed 15-Nov 18:00 €20 Powerfest #99-M 7-Max PKO: €5,000  Gtd