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Mastering Mindset with Stephen Baker: A Universal Poker Podcast Exclusive

By Chris Andreou

Universal Poker are thrilled to announce we have recently featured on a The Mindset Advantage Poker Podcast by Elliot Roe, hosted by the esteemed mindset coach, Stephen Baker!

The Mindset Advantage Poker Podcast releases new episodes every week, with each episode featuring a top poker player to offer a glimpse into the world of poker, mindset strategies, and performance enhancement.

Universal Poker’s podcast with Stephen gives you an insight to the world of poker, all the benefits of a poker affiliate, and examples on how we have helped poker players across the globe.

Watch The Full Episode:

Podcast Highlights: The Benefits of Poker Affiliation

The podcast delves into the backgrounds of Andy, the owner of Universal Poker, and Misha, a key part of the team, tracing their journey to Universal Poker.

A large portion of the conversation centres on the benefits of affiliation in poker, emphasising how it can maximise value on poker sites.

Listeners are treated to real-world examples demonstrating how Universal Poker has positively impacted poker players globally.

Who is Stephen Baker?

Stephen Baker is not your ordinary performance coach. With experience in roles as a courtroom lawyer, entrepreneur, professional poker player, and performance coach, Baker stands out with his unique approach to coaching.

Baker combines his diverse background with a deep understanding of high-performance environments and the complexities of life, tailoring his coaching methods to meet individual needs and aspirations.

He take a holistic approach, focusing on overcoming challenges, unlocking potential, and achieving peak performance

In his own words: “Together, we will explore your goals, identify areas for growth, and develop a roadmap for success”.

Stephen’s Role in Enhancing Poker Performance

Stephen is more than a coach; he is a mentor for the prestigious Flow Genome Project and an expert in neuroscience, psychology, and performance optimisation.

His coaching is grounded in science, integrating insights from various domains to help poker players and other high performers unlock their full potential.

Baker’s coaching is not only experienced and knowledgeable but also evidence-based, utilizing high-performance tools rooted in flow psychology and the latest research.

Opting for Stephen Baker’s coaching services means getting access to a blend of experience, scientific methodology, and a profound understanding of the psychological aspects of change. His unique perspective and methodologies are tailored to help you achieve not just momentary success but lasting peak performance in the demanding world of poker.

Reach out to Stephen and find out how he can help you propel you poker skills to the next level!