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888Poker Strikes Back: Over $360K Compensation for Victims of RTA and Bot Abuse

By Chris Andreou

In the world of online poker, the use of RTA (Real-Time Assistance) software and bots is an ever-growing issue in our community.

888Poker being one of the most well-known poker sites, has taken a strong stance against the use of Real-Time Assistance (RTA) and poker bots, which can unfairly affect game outcomes.

$362,893 Compensated by 888Poker

In a bold move to show just how strong their stance is against these issues, 888Poker compensated 4,068 players who were impacted by these unfair practices.

A total of $362,893 was distributed to these players. Notably, $250,000 of this amount was funded by 888Poker themselves.

It shows 888Poker’s commitment to providing a secure and fair gaming environment, and the steps they’re willing to take to achieve it. 

A Trustworthy Platform

In 2023, 888Poker banned over 150 accounts flagged for using Real-Time Assistance, with their efforts to combat unfair gaming practices continuing throughout 2024.

888Poker continues to increase its investment in security, hiring some of the best advisors in the industry who are experts in detecting non-human gameplay patterns and analysing hand histories.

The poker community also play a key part in security, as 888Poker shows their proactive approach by listening to players when they provide them important information on players who they suspect aren’t playing fairly.

What Can 888Poker Offer You?

Being one of the largest and well-known sites in the world, 888Poker brings players unique game formats, exciting promotions and a safe place to play!

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