We are pleased to announce that we are returning with an offer on partypoker.com for new players.

New players who sign up to partypoker.com via Universal Poker will receive an extra 10% gross cashback for the first 3 calendar months!

For example, if you created your account on June 20th, this promotion will begin on July 1st and continue until September 30th (a duration of 3 calendar months).

What Counts As A “New Player”

There are two circumstances in which you are classified as a new player:

  1. You have created a new partypoker account via Universal Poker’s link.
  2. Your partypoker account was created through our affiliate link within the last 2 months. If this is your situation, please submit an application to participate in this promotion.

How Does It Work?

It’s straightforward. Once your account is linked to Universal Poker, you will receive 10% gross cashback on any rake generated, across all game formats.

How Are Payments Made?

Payments will be made in one lump sum, directly into your Luxon Pay account.

If you do not have a Luxon Pay account, you can create one here.

Payments will be credited directly to your Luxon Pay account by the end of the following month (typically credited by the 25th).

For example, if you rake $1000 in January, you will receive $100 paid directly in your Luxon Pay account in February, around the 25th or shortly thereafter.

If you would like to be notified about when payments are made, you can create a Universal Poker account here.

Alternatively, we will announce when payments are made on our Discord Sever.

Terms and Conditions

Please note that the following Terms and Conditions apply:

  • All General partypoker T&C’s apply.
  • All Universal Poker T&C’s apply.
  • This promotion will run for 3 full consecutive calendar months. For example, if your account was created with on Affiliate link on June 20th, you will receive cashback from this promotion until 30th September.
  • partypoker, GVC and Universal Poker reserve the right to change this promotion in any way we see fit.
  • This promotion is for partypoker.com only. If your regional regulation dictates you cannot participate, you will be excluded. For example, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and the Czech Republic are excluded.
  • This is in addition to the normal partypoker VIP programme.
  • This is additional to any site-based promotions (e.g. SNG, SPINS leaderboards).
  • Diamond Club players are excluded from this promotion
  • To receive your payment from this promotion, you need to have a Luxon Pay account and provide us with the details.