Do you have friends who are interested in testing their skills in the world of online poker? Or maybe you know poker players who are looking to maximise their value on the online poker sites?

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How Do Referrals Work?

It’s simple, when you refer a friend to Universal Poker and they sign-up using your Referral Code, you will be paid a commission over all of their play!

As a result, they get more value playing on online poker sites with our exclusive deals, and you’ll be rewarded every time they play.

How Does Commission Work?

The percentage of commission you can earn on each site varies.

When you apply to become a referrer, we will contact you to review your application and discuss commission structures.

How Do I Start?

To become an official referrer for Universal Poker, you will need to apply below.

Once you have applied, we will contact you via email to discuss your application and commission percentages.

Providing you are successful, we will activate your account and you will able to track all of your players’ stats in the Dashboard.

  • Refer Your Friends
  • When They Play
  • You Earn!

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