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WPT Global Offers Up To 100% Rakeback On MTT’s in March!

By Chris Andreou

WPT Global are showing an immense amount of love to MTT players, offering up to 100% rakeback in March for MTT players!

This exciting promotion is available in all WPT Global tournaments from March 4 to March 31. During this period, the total tournament rake collected will be allocated across three different Freerolls, providing a unique chance for players to win back all of their rake.

How Does It Work?

Participants eager to secure their rakeback must play in any MTT within the specified dates. The process involves tallying the number of tournaments played and the total spent on tournament entries, which then qualifies them for the one of the 100% Rakeback Freerolls.

The level of Freeroll a player qualifies for will depend on their activity throughout the four-week span!

Freeroll Levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold)

There are three levels of Freerolls, each with its own set of criteria and guaranteed prize pools:

Bronze-Level 100% Rakeback Freeroll with a $100,000 Guarantee
  • Play in at least 30 MTTs or spend between $250 and $999 on MTT buy-ins.
  • WPT Global will return 15% of the rake in the Bronze Level Freeroll prizepool.
Silver-Level 100% Rakeback Freeroll with a $150,000 Guarantee
  • Play in at least 60 MTTs or spend between $1,000 to $4,999 on MTT buy-ins.
  • WPT Global will return 25% of the rake in the Silver Level Freeroll prizepool.
Gold-Level 100% Rakeback Freeroll with a $350,000 Guarantee
  • For the highest level, players need to play in at least 100 MTTs or spend a minimum of $5,000 in MTT buy-ins.
  • WPT Global will return 60% of the rake in the Gold Level Freeroll prizepool.

Updates on player progress, including the freeroll level they’ve reached and what is needed to advance to the next level, will be provided weekly every week.

It’s time to schedule your tournament play strategically. Get ready to climb the ladder, reaching Bronze, Silver, or Gold!

For more information on this promotion and the terms and conditions, please visit WPT Global’s website.

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