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Flip & Go, Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 6+ Short Deck, AoF Sit & Go, All-In Or Fold, Battle Royale, Spin & Gold, and Rush & Cash.

GGPoker Review 2024

GGPoker was founded in 2017 and has since become one of the most popular sites to play globally. You can take advantage of their play-friendly features and play on what is considered the most recreational player-friendly site. With this in mind, considering GGPoker as one of your online poker platforms makes a lot of sense.

This site operates cash games and tournaments on a 24/7 basis and has some fantastic features, software, bonuses, and more! Read on to find out everything you need to know about GGPoker.

Choose Your Welcome Bonus

Unsurprisingly, a poker operator as popular as GGPoker offers an excellent welcome bonus. Well, they have 2 welcome bonuses and give you the option to pick whichever you prefer! Here are your options:

Up To £100 in Tickets & C$

Your first option will be to receive up to $100 in Free Tickets & Cash Game Dollars (C$). Over six days, you will be credited 28 All-In or Fold tickets, totalling $52.50 in free tickets.

Each day you will also have the chance to complete challenges that unlock up to $47.50 in additional rewards. If you complete all the challenges, you’ll receive a final C$10, totalling $110, in FREE prizes.

Days Instantly Credited Tickets Total Tickets Credited Extra AoF Challenge
Day 1 $11.00 In All-In Or Fold SNG Tickets) 6 Play 100 AoF Hands, Get C$2.50
Day 2 $6.50 In All-In Or Fold SNG Tickets) 5 Play 500 AoF Hands, Get C$10.00
Day 3 $6.50 In All-In Or Fold SNG Tickets) 5 Play 100 AoF Hands, Get C$2.50
Day 4 $6.50 In All-In Or Fold SNG Tickets) 5 Play 500 AoF Hands, Get C$10.00
Day 5 $9.00 In All-In Or Fold SNG Tickets) 6 Play 100 AoF Hands, Get C$2.50
Day 6 $13.00 In All-In Or Fold SNG Tickets) 6 Play 1000 AoF Hands, Get C$10.00
BONUS: Complete All 6 AoF Challenges And Get An Additional C$10 On Day 6!

Matched Deposit Bonus Up To $600

Your second option will be to receive a matched deposit bonus of 100% on up to $600. With this, GGPoker will match the amount of your deposit dollar-for-dollar to a maximum of $600.

Your bonus is credited to your bonus balance, but you’ll need to play to unlock it. For every $5 you pay in net rake/tournament fees, you will receive $1. You will have 90 days to turn your bonus balance into cash, so there is plenty of time!

Cashback Programme (Fish Buffet)

Players at GGPoker also gain plenty of value through the Fish Buffet, where you can earn up to 60% in cashback! You can work up the Fish Buffet Ranks by earning Fish Buffet Points (FP), every $1 paid in rake and fees, players will receive 100 FP.

Players start at the rank of Plankton and work through Goldfish, Shrimp, Crab, Octopus, Whale, Platinum Shark, and finally, GGPlatinum, the highest position you can reach. Each rank also has tiers within it. Using rank Crab, for example, you can be Bronze Crab, Silver Crab, Or Gold Crab.

Every time you rank up, you will also get to spin the Fish Buffet Wheel and receive a prize. The higher your level, the better your reward and the higher the cashback percentage, so we guess you can say it pays to play!

Here is a complete table of the ranks, tiers, cashback amounts, and the points needed to reach them:

Level  Rank FPs To Earn Time Limit Prize Range Avg Cashback
GGPlatinum GGPlatinum 5,000,000 to maintain 365 days Flat Cashback Weekly Payout 60%
Shark Platinum Shark 5,000,000 to climb
3,000,000 to maintain
365 days Flat Cashback Weekly Payout 55%
Whale Platinum Whale 3,000,000 to climb
1,500,000 to maintain
365 days Flat Cashback Weekly Payout 50%
Gold 1 120,000 30 days Spin $120 – $1,200 49%
Gold 2 48%
Gold 3 47%
Silver 1 46%
Silver 2 45%
Silver 3 44%
Bronze 1 43%
Bronze 2 42%
Gold 41%
Octopus Platinum Octopus 750,000 to maintain 365 days Flat Cashback Weekly Payout 35%
Gold 60,000 30 days Spin $60 – $360 34%
Silver 32%
Bronze 30%
Crab Gold 12,000 15 days Spin $12 – $60 28%
Silver 27%
Bronze 26%
Shrimp Gold 6,000 15 days Spin $6 – $30 24%
Silver 23%
Bronze 22%
Goldfish Platinum Fish Flat Cashback Weekly Payout 20%
Goldfish 1,500 7 days Spin $1.50 – $5 17%
Plankton Starting Level 750 7 days Spin $0.75 – $2 15%

GGPoker Monthly Promotions

As well as the option between 2 welcome bonuses, GGPoker also has a large selection of daily promotions for players. These promotions allow players to participate in giveaways, win daily freebies, free tickets, free cash, and more!

Here are some of the promotions available for new and existing players:

  • Honeymoon For Newcomers: Complete challenges and win $350 Worth Of Prizes!
  • Short Deck Daily $5k Leaderboard: Play Short Deck to win your share of $5k daily!
  • All-In Or Fold Daily $25k Leaderboard: Play AoF Hold ’em, Omaha, or Sit & Go to win your share of $25k daily!
  • Battle Royale Daily $1k Leaderboard: Play Battle Royale to win your share of $1k daily!
  • Spin & Gold Daily $20k Leaderboard: Play Spin&Gold to win your share of $20k daily!
  • Hold’em Daily $20k Leaderboard: Play Hold’em and win your share of £20k daily!
  • PLO/PLO-5 Daily $20k Leaderboard: Play PLO & PLO-5 to win your share of $20k daily!
  • Flip&Go Daily $5k Leaderboard: Play Flip & Go to win your share of $5k daily!

Games Formats At GGPoker

The tournaments and cash games at GGPoker are excellent for casual and professional players and operate on a 24/7 basis due to GGPoker’s fantastic traffic. Below we’ll dive into more detail on each game type:

Cash Games

Buy-ins start from $0.01/0.02 for micro-stakes games and reach up to $1000/2000 for players who want to play for big money. If you’re playing Omaha or Texas Hold ’em cash games, you’ll be able to find tables 24/7 when playing for micro, low, mid, and high stakes. For cash games, buy-ins start at 20 big blinds and reach up to 100 big blinds.

If you’re a high-roller looking for action, you’ll be pleased to know we’ve seen tables with players sitting with hundreds of thousands and even stacks of over $1 million!

There is also the option to play what is known as “exotic” poker variants at GGPoker. These include variants such as All-In-Or-Fold and 6+ Hold’em. Some tables also have a feature called “cash drops”, where GGPoker sometimes throws extra cash in the pot at the beginning of a hand.

Tournaments (MTT’s)

Plenty of Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs) with large prize pools are available. You’ll have several formats, including Spin & Gold Games, Bounty Hunters, Flip & Go Tournaments, and fast-paced Texas Hold’em.

There are also Flagship Poker Tournaments on GGPoker, including GGMasters, GGMaster Daily, and GGMasters High Rollers. GGMasters and GGMasters High Rollers are held on Sundays and guarantee $1.5 million.

Because there is so much choice at GGPoker, you don’t need to rely on just one type of tournament or cash game format, and if you reach the final tables of flagship events, you can win some serious cash prizes!

What’s The Traffic Like?

GGPoker is a top-rated site with plenty of cash games running, meaning you can find juicy cash games almost anytime. Due to GGPoker’s consistent growth, the number of players online at peak times is forever growing.

The average number of cash game players online during a 7 day week is roughly 6000, which is a good number to ensure games are always available.

Available Payment Methods

There are many popular payment methods to choose from at GGPoker. You’ll have the option to use popular methods such as E-Wallets such as Neteller, LuxonPay, and Skrill, Credit Cards and Debit Cards like VISA and MasterCard cards, and evenCryptocurrencies in some regions!

Payment methods vary depending on what country you’re playing from. For example, UK players cannot use Bitcoin as a payment method.

Please ensure you check GGPoker’s website to see what payment methods are available to you.

Bitcoin Payments Available!

Perhaps the most popular payment method at GGPoker is Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency has taken the poker community by storm, and not all poker operators accept payments and withdrawals through crypto.

Even if you’re not a crypto user, it’s good news. Why? Because it drives even more players to GG, driving more action to the tables!