We are Team Universal. A team of Twitch streamers all over the globe, with one shared passion: POKER! Come hang out on our channels, and be part of our community. We provide a place where everyone is welcome.


Jack "JackStack99"

Team 651

I'm Jack, the Founder of Spins Stable Team 651, partnered with Universal Poker.

You can find me playing cash games on the official Team 651 Twitch Channel, come check it out!

Joshua "Slayerv1fanpkr1" Hoesel

Hey everyone! My name is Joshua 'slayerv1fan' Hoesel and I am a professional poker player specialising in all formats of SNGs.

I'm also a high stakes tournament player and currently learning Spin & Go's!

Gavin "Stoooshy"

Hello everyone, my name is Gavin, better known in the Poker Community as Stoooshy!

When I am not working as a Software Engineer, I am (punting in) playing PLO cash.

Johannes "Driftinator"

Hey! I'm Johannes, or Drift online, and I've been a professional Poker player and streamer since 2023.

You can find me on my Twitch channel 5 days a week grinding MTTs!

Elmantas "Generals"

Hey, my name is EImantas. I have been a professional poker player for 5 years.

I've been a streamer for last 3 years. I have played Spin & Go's for 3 years and the last 2 years I am playing MTTs.

Raphaël "RaphDarko"

Hello! I'm Raphaël, better known online as Raph Darko.
I'm a full time poker player, streamer and YouTuber.

You can find me on Twitch or YouTube playing both Cash Games & MTTs!