Players who are affiliated with Universal Poker on 888Poker will receive an up to 50% cashback on BLAST games, on top of our extra 10% cashback.

That’s up to 60% cashback, every month!

To make it even better, you still gain access to all 888Poker promotions, including their BLAST leaderboards – incredible value!

How Does It Work?

You will have the chance to get up to 50% rakeback on BLAST games, depending on what rake tier you hit within the week (running from Monday – Sunday).

As of Monday, April 15, we have updated these tiers and introduced a fourth tier, making it easier for players of all levels to climb the cashback ladder!

Here are the tiers:

Weekly Rake Cashback %
$200 – $499 20%
$500 – $1499 30%
$1500- $2999 40%
$3000 + 50%
Example: If you rake $500 in the week, you will receive 30% rakeback.

How Are Payments Made?

Payments are made the following week, directly on your 888Poker client.

For example, if you rake $1000 in the first week of January, you will receive $300 rakeback the following week!