Starting on March 25, 2024, players tagged to Universal Poker on WPT Global will be eligible to participate in our weekly WPT Global Spins Rake Chase!

This promotion is on top of our 40% weekly cashback, so you will be eligible to participate in both promotions.

How Do I Opt-In?

If you are on our WPT Global deal, you are automatically opted-in.

WPT Global Spins Rake Chase

Here is a breakdown of our WPT Global Spins Rake Chase.

Tiers Bonus % Games Per Week
Bronze 5% 24 – 49
Silver 7.5% 50 – 124
Gold 10% 125 – 249
Platinum 15% 250 +
There is no cap – you will get 15% on any games you play past 250!

How Does It Work?

It’s straightforward. Play Global Spins on WPT Global and dependent on how many games you play in a week, you will get up to 15% cashback, on top of all WPT Global promotions!

For example, if you play 250 Global Spins games or more, you will get 15% cashback.

How Are Payments Made?

Payments will be made the following week.

Example: The rake on WPT Global set at 5% for all Global Spins. So if you play 250 games at a $10 buy-in, you would generate $125 in rake ($10 x 250 = $2500 * 5% = $125) which would would give you $18.75 (15%) back in the form of cashback!

All bonus will be sent directly to you WPT Global account.

Terms and Conditions
• General WPT Global T&Cs apply.
• WPT Global and Universal Poker reserve the right to change this promotion in any way we see fit, players will always be given enough notice of any changes.
• The promotions and chase are affiliate based and invite-only. If your regional regulation dictates you cannot participate, you will be excluded.
• This is in addition to the normal WPT promotions.
• You continue to receive the normal affiliate promotions from Universal Poker.