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888Poker Weekly Cash Game Tiers: Up To 50% Rakeback!

By Chris Andreou

888Poker is now offering cash game players up to 50% rakeback through their newly structured weekly tiers, which feature five distinct rakeback levels!

888Poker’s Weekly Rakeback Tiers

Rakeback is a way for poker players to earn back a percentage of the rake they have paid, effectively reducing their overall playing costs. The recent adjustments to the Up To 50% Rakeback promotion at 888Poker are tailored to benefit players of all skill levels and sizes.

Here’s how it works: Players receive extra rakeback on all cash games played during each week. The amount of rakeback you receive depends on the level you achieve, with the highest level offering an impressive 50% extra rakeback.

In essence, the more you rake, the higher your level and rakeback amount will be!

Breakdown: New Weekly Cash Game Rakeback Tiers

Starting from Monday, 15 April, the 888Poker Weekly Cash Game Rakeback structure has been enhanced to include more tiers.

Originally, there were three levels that players could achieve, offering rakeback of 20%, 35%, or 50%. However, the latest update to this promotion expands this to five distinct levels, with rewards ranging from 10% to 50% extra rakeback!

Below is an overview of the new and old weekly rakeback tiers:

New Weekly Rakeback Tiers

Weekly Rake Rakeback
$200 – $499 10%
$500 – $999 20%
$1,000 – $2,999 30%
$3,000 – $4,999 40%
$5,000 and over 50%

Old Weekly Rakeback Tiers

Weekly Rake Rakeback
$200 – $999 20%
$1000 – $1999 35%
$2000+ 50%

How to Maximise Your Rakeback at 888Poker

Taking advantage of poker site promotions is excellent if you’re looking to maximise your profits when playing online poker. 888Poker’s Weekly Cash Game promotion is a prime example, offering players the chance to earn up to 50% Rakeback every week!

Another way to maximise your value is by partnering with a trustworthy poker affiliate. Universal Poker, one of the world’s largest poker affiliates, provides players of all sizes and skill levels with exclusive deals on their favourite poker sites.

Here’s what you get with Universal Poker’s 888Poker Deal: